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Fashion Neck Scarfs for Women - Cat PRINT

$28.00 USD


  • Material: High quality 100% polyester satin silk, soft, smooth and shiny.
  • Dimension: 70X70cm, 27.5X27.5 inches, various colors and styles for you to choose.
  • VERSATILE ACCESSORIES - Matches: Isn't it an innovative way to let the silk scarves decorate your hair? When you finish your hair styles, and adorn the silk scarves, it will not only add some girlish feeling but also make you more cute. And if you like wearing hats, it can also be used in your hats.
  • FALL ESSENTIALS - When the pure coat meets the colorful silk scarves, it is just like the collision between ice and fire. The coast in cold tone matches the silk scarves in warm tone, it will definitively offer you the warmth visually. Even if you have only one silk scarf, you can use different ways to wear it.
  • MULTIPLE USE- When you have lots of silk scarves, what about make them be the belt? It will be more attractive and personalize yourself. When you are tired of bracelets, watches, etc and you do not like the bare wrist, why not choose the silk scarves? You can tie them on your wrist. Besides, there are many kinds of types, colors, matches and styles for your to choose. It can also be the useful handkerchief when you cry or sweat.